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I entered the industry fueled by my passion for helping people gain financial freedom and protect their wealth. I have a business degree in International Business & Economics and diverse skills in teaching, content creation, education, social media, community coordination, tech support and business development for startups like Ubitquity,, and Exodus wallet.

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Be Your Own Vault Education

I've been teaching people how to Bitcoin since 2016.

Think Bitcoin is too expensive?

It's NOT. It is the evolution of money - a technology that has not been updated in over 5000 years. And you are SO EARLY!

I teach you about where & how to buy Bitcoin, how to HOLD it safely, inheritance & everything else you need to know so you can be confident in becoming your own vault.

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Intro to Bitcoin

1 hour

$100 USD


Advanced Bitcoin Security

3 hours 30 min

$500 USD


Intro to Bitcoin Inheritance

1 hour

$150 USD


"This wasn’t just about learning basic ways to secure crypto assets. This was about approaching Bitcoin education seriously and taking steps to improve our own online security. Their workshop included many “next-level” practical security and privacy tips. Attendees were provided a good list of easy to use tools that are reasonably secure which Juan and Anastasiya have tested and use themselves... If you are serious about your crypto security and privacy, I recommend you consider attending a BYOV workshop in the future.



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